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In my days of adolescence, I used to think of education as an unnecessary burden forced upon the shoulders of teenagers by a handful of adults, to make money, while still abiding to the constitution. There couldn’t be a worse definition, or even perception of education, I know, but that is how I used to look at it. Today, I see it as something completely different.


There are basically two kinds of children in the world. The first are the kind who want to know more and in much detail, and the second are the kind who just want to avoid it, even when others are making it possible for education to be imparted to us. I belonged to the second category. Passing the exams was taken for granted, and getting good grades, was, at its best, a reason to avoid getting scolded by parents.

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But today, after doing several courses covering at least the basics of all fields of education possible, I realize there is lot more to education than we can imagine, even as students. You enjoy watching television? Ever thought of what all goes into making a TV? And broadcasting the programs you love the most? If education was not there, of course, there would still have been the odd genius who would have invented something without listening to his teachers, but the chances of living in an interconnected world as good as the one in which we live today, would have been negligible.


Whether you want to invest all your life in living your passion, or you have to take a course that you might not be your dream, but is helping the society in some way or the other, education will always play an important role. This includes not only the subject knowledge, it also includes your values, practical life experience, social life, and even simple things you learn from the people you come across any day of your life.


You will get only one life, so better do what you think you are best at, rather than following peers and parents without self introspection. In any case, do something constructive, do something for the cause of mankind, in whatever measure, and chances are you will not regret wasting your youth. Remember that you are a human, more capable than any other species, so do not live the life of a parasite. There are many already within and outside of your body.


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