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Empowerment covers more of humanity than anything else. Empowerment, within the society, can come out a clear winner only when there is a mutual compassion towards equality.

Let’s put this in other words. It might sound cliched, but this is the universal truth that deems a homo sapien as a certified human. Before controlling anyone’s life, be it the ones you are responsible for, put yourself in their shoes. Before deciding anything for them, just try to think whether you would have enjoyed the same kind of treatment that you are deciding for others. The day you realize that’s not the case, you would have solved half the problems of this world.

The human race has so much potential which is being suppressed by humans itself. If a person belongs to a particular region of the world, how does that take away his or her right of being human? How can one’s sexuality, social status, religion or caste, decide whether a person should be treated as a human or not?

source: freeimages

source: freeimages

Remember, the civilized society was created for humans to leave together, to leverage our strengths and accept each other’s weaknesses, and yet live in harmony. Society was built to bring together all kinds of humans, rather than to break away in our own comfort zones with no room for exceptions, which is exactly what we are doing.


Fear of god is great. Also try to fear breaking law. Fear taking away someone’s right to freedom, and one’s right to live; fear the fact that you still might have a long and painful life if you take other’s lives for granted. Because if you don’t fear all these, in the end you will be running around fearing for your own safety.


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