Germany lays another stone in India’s solar progress

Written by Karthikeya

Further emphasizing on the clean energy drive that is taking the political world by storm, Germany decided to boost India’s ongoing solar projects by an additional 2 Billion Euros, all of which will be funded by the Western European country. In a transitional phase for both Europe and Asia, this could be a milestone transfer of funds, months after G7 leaders (headed by Merkel) agreed to end fossil fuel consumption by the end of this century. Solar seems to be the ultimate solution.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was ecstatic after this move by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which was a part of 18 bilateral deals between India and Germany. According to India’s Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar, climate change issues occupied most of the time of the discussions.



This move was part of a two-day visit by Merkel and six other Cabinet-level ministers to India in an attempt to ‘strengthen’ the financial relations between the two countries. Both countries are now looking to institute an Indo-German Climate and Renewable Alliance. Other environmentally significant discussion in this meeting included a plea by the Indian PM (to Merkel) to resolve the case of EU banning 700 drugs from India, that were tested in the GVK labs.

As benevolent as it looks, this move might just inspire other leaders from developed countries to aid developing countries in solar and related projects. Germany’s support for India’s solar projects is highly appropriate, considering that the country receives a good amount of sunlight for close to 300 days a year, making India a potential leader in solar energy generation around the world.


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