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Preventive Healthcare Introduction Part-3 (Final): Some Aspects

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The spurt in terms of the technological innovations in preventive healthcare promises a bright future for the world as it is able to prevent the further spread of dangerous diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular complications, respiratory diseases, and even cancer due to the early diagnosis.

Government Spending

Of late, governments all over the world have started spending a substantial amount of money in educating people in terms of preventive health care and advising them to give up smoking and drinking, along with going for regular health check-ups and switching to a healthier lifestyle.

With the advent of the Human Development Index (HDI) in 2010, more and more people are realizing that ‘Health is Wealth’. One of the main parameters of HDI is life expectancy, which can only be achieved by following the principles of preventive health care and the technology that goes along with it.

Cost Effectiveness

Preventive healthcare, in fact, is an economically viable proposition since its principle of an early diagnosis timely prevention saves a lot of money of the patient per se as well as publicly funded health systems. It also saves money of the hospital in terms of transportation, hospitalization and rehabilitation.


A brand-new chapter has been opened in the field of preventive health care with the introduction of home-monitoring devices to check blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar level in blood as they simultaneously give you the confidence of self-monitoring your health and knowing your latest health status.

Private Sector Cooperation

The willingness of global health agencies and of governments to work together with the private sector in partnership on global health security is on the rise. Actually, on humanitarian grounds, the entire private sector as one single entity must focus on doing their best in providing health security to the masses at large who cannot afford the cost of early diagnosis in terms of preventive healthcare worldwide.

[This article is part of a 3-article series on preventive healthcare]

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