From Refineries to Renewables: That’s exactly what they’ll discuss at Berkeley this week

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It is quite fair that leading forums around the world are actively discussing environment. The forum “A Just Transition: From Refineries to Renewables” is being held alongside an exhibit by photographer Edward Burtynsky at the David Brower Center this Tuesday.

The forum will discuss the impact of petroleum refineries and other industries on the social environment, while Burtynsky’s work emphasizes on how the existence of industries changes forever the local environment and natural landscapes.

The topic of discussion is quite appropriate from a local as well as a global point of view. The Bay Area of California, being a populous area, is a hub of oil refineries, with a lot of oil being transported through this area every day. The question is that how the presence of this oil affects the local residents of this area. Are people of this area prone to an oil train blast soon on the cards? Such are the issues residents and energy experts will throw light on this week at the David Brower Center.

This forum being held at Berkeley could act as a stage to address global citizens about issues related to oil refineries that have a long term impact on the society. The discussion will most likely advocate how maximum employment of renewable resources by individuals would be able to negate the effect of oil refineries and related industries that act as a source of pollution.

According to the events page, the scheduled speakers include Jack Lucero Fleck of 350 Bay Area, Jessica Hendricks of Global Community Monitor, oil and energy expert Antonia Juhasz, Greg Karras of Communities for a Better Environment, Colin Miller of Bay Localize, Janet Pygeorge of the Rodeo Citizens Association and Nancy Rieser of Bay Area Refinery Corridor Coalition.





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