Solar Air Conditioner to preserve money and nature

Videocon Launches Solar Air Conditioner
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Electronics manufacturing company Videocon launched its first hybrid solar air conditioner range on Tuesday in New Delhi, India. The company also claims that it is a first ever air conditioner (AC) to run on solar energy in the global market.

This kind of AC aims at eliminating the customer’s dependency on the grid. Official representatives of the team cited ‘going green’ as the inspiration for this innovation. Videocon aims to manufacture more renewable-energy products in the near future.

The AC comes in two variants. The 1 ton variant is priced at Rs. 99,000, while the 1.5 ton variant is priced at Rs. 139,000.  The prices are inclusive of an AC unit, solar panel and its installation as well as a DC-AC inverter. Both variants comply with BEE star ratings. Both are certified as power savers with 5 stars.

The risk of buying the product is low as it offers a great warranty period. The solar panel comes with a 25-year linear power output warranty and a 10-year manufacturing warranty. The AC also has an extended warranty of five years.

Videocon Launches Solar Air Conditioner

Videocon has come up with a first-time range of solar air conditioners

Solar Air Conditioner Features

According to official page of the air conditioner, users can switch it to draw its supply from your conventional electricity source, whenever you need it. The hybrid nature of the air conditioner is a great feature as it makes the product adaptable to the power source available.

The solar panel can be charged as long as there is sunlight, even when the AC is running. Furthermore, if the panel gets fully charged, the excess power generated can be sent back to the government. This would add to a user’s monetary benefits and enhance the return on investment. The company promotes this AC as a minimum maintenance product.

Final Verdict

The product is yet to reach the market. The Videocon website has already displayed most of the product’s features. Both variants of the AC cost one lakh rupees and over. Therefore, it would be a challenge for the company to convince customers to spend this big an amount.

In conclusion, it is a one time investment and comes with a good warranty and minimal running costs. Plus, any product employing solar energy would amount to a lower carbon footprint.

The Club Bioman team has not been able to get its hands on this product as of now. Looking at its environmental impact though, we would recommend you to try this solar air conditioner at least once.


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