Valentine’s Day Gifts for her: India Edition 2017

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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Quality stuff at reasonable prices

Valentine’s Day is not far away. But if you still haven’t figured out the right gift for your girl, don’t worry. We have lined up a good number of gifts options to choose from for your wife or girlfriend. Plus, all these products are easily available in India, at reasonable prices and great discounts. Buy any of these gifts, and your minimum takeaway would be a special bond and feeling of oneness.

With six more days to go, you have enough time to research and get gifts shipped. But better start now, because the clock is ticking away.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her.


(1) Jewellery: WAIITT before scrolling down. If you thought our first suggested gift item is only for the loaded boys, well, that is just an error on your part. You can buy original gold and diamond jewelry this Valentine week between Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 4,000. Within this price range, you can easily buy pendants and earrings from the best brands like Asmi, Sangini, GILI and His & Her. If your pocket isn’t crying uncle yet, you can go for rings and high-end pendants. If your girl likes ruby or silver, choose a gift accordingly.

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You can find a great range of original gold and diamond jewellery under Rs. 10,000 here.

(2) Fashion jewellery: Aahh. Girls love it, it’s far less expensive and you can buy loads of fashion jewellery to fill your wife or girlfriend’s drawer for the rest of the year. Spare a few hundred (or thousand, depending on your choice) rupees and you can end up with a great collection of plated and pure jewellery.

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All items here are offering a discount of over 70%.


(3) Apparel: It’s spring already, and this is the time your girl would love to flaunt herself. This season, go for something unusual for your girl – something like a jumpsuitplaysuit, off-shoulder dress, tunic or perhaps a georgette saree.

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Not only will it be a unique Valentine’s day gift, remember – girls hate being a part of the crowd. Experiment with the choice of apparel for your girl this time. You can buy a great set for approx Rs. 1000. Look at this to widen your vision.

(4) Bags and other accessories: Ever gone out with your girl for shopping? If you have, you must have noticed the amount of quality time your girl spends in this section. Bags are a critical part of their attire, and so are the rest of the accessories. That includes sunglasses, bracelets, bands and wrist rings. A couple grants would be good enough to buy a set of accessories.

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Search this section for bags and shades and this one for essential jewellery.


(5) Watch: Who said girls don’t like wearing watches anymore? If your girl is the glam or even the subtle type, go for metallic or jewellery watches. If she is a tech freak, you must gift her a chronograph or a smart watch. This might just be the best valentine gift for her.


You can find the entire range with all the separate categories here. Buy a good watch in the range of Rs. 1,000 and above.

(6) Kitchen help: Well, if you are the closest to her heart, the kitchen isn’t far away. By gifting her a kitchen appliance or two, you will make her life easier. And guess what, most appliances featured here are so easy to use, you will enjoy offering her a helping hand. It could well be the most romantic gift as it creates the perfect quality time slot for the two of you to spend together.

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A perfect idea for a lovely day together. You can buy high end gifts at Rs. 2,500 and above.

(7) Fragrances and beauty products: Her man aside, they are a girl’s soulmates. They need them for the brunch meeting or the party at night. And a girl’s bag is incomplete without them. And be honest, they make your date unforgettable as well.

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Check out a huge range of beauty essentials here. You can get a good combo under Rs. 1,000.


(8) Music: Alright, so if your girl is the listening type, there is a huge range of music collections, including international, film and Indian classical music to choose from. Another great way to spend your Valentine’s day, just play some romantic music in your car or home stereo system. And, if your girl is the performing type, there’s a huge range of musical instruments to choose from.

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Gift her a guitar or keyboard, or rather gift her a tuba and offer her a few personal classes. This makes a great personalized Valentine’s Day gift under Rs. 1,000.

(9) For the athletic girl: Well, if your girl belongs to this category, there is a great range of gifts to choose from. Encourage your girl this Valentine’s Day, to go out on the field and express herself. A better idea, go for a daily jog, a game of badminton or tennis.


An even better idea – buy a couple of mats to do your daily dose of yoga together. Just spare Rs. 1,000 and you can buy great stuff for both of you.

(10) Book collections: If your girl loves reading, there is a huge, huge collection in paperback to choose from. And if she’s the one who loves to carry a huge collection during her daily train, gift her a Kindle under Rs. 10,000.

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(11) Gadgets: If your girl is the gizmo type or the software geek, she would love to have a laptop or tablet to her name this Valentine’s Day. Besides, even if she isn’t so much of a gizmo babe, there is a huge range of mobiles to choose from.


Gadgets are being offered at great discounts this time around, and you can find the perfect gift for your valentine in the range of Rs. 5,000 and above.

(12) Valentine Special cute gifts: Well, first there are gifts meant for general use. And then there are those that are there to spread the message of love. The latter is what we have featured for you.

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These Valentine’s Day gifts include (but are certainly not limited to) soft toys, special cups, pens, designer cases, gift boxes, designer stuff and showpieces.


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