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Venezuela’s first transgender lawmaker to ensure gender equality

Tamara Adrian Lawmaker
Tamara Adrian (Image: Reuters)
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On 7 December, a fresh page was written in the history of Venezuelan politics. Tamara Adrian of Democratic Unity coalition became the first transgender congresswoman to be elected in not only Venezuela, rather in all of South America. Adrian, who turns 62 next month, was previously working as a college professor, lawyer and LGBT-rights activist prior to confirming here candidature just last summer.

Adrian has been advocating gender equality for some time, will continue her fight with the same vigor now that she has been elected. She was a part of the team that drafted economic laws in the 90’s as well as a Central Bank adviser. Tamara believes that like most other nations, Venezuela is a society plagued with overpowering patriarchy, which needs to change. Adrian is of the view that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have no rights. The biggest testament to this is the fact that Adrian was born male before a sex change in 2002, but had to register for elections under her previous name Thomas Adrian. Why? Because the law in her country does not allow a male-born to legally register as a female.

Tamara Adrian Lawmaker

Tamara Adrian (Image: Reuters)

“There are some precarious and isolated rules on the issue of non-discrimination and in the labor sector, but nothing more. We hope to have a law on marriage equality very soon,” said Tamara, soon after her election.

Tamara looks up to Latin American countries like Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia, that already empower their citizens with right to maternity, marriage, choosing one’s partner, adoption, protection against discrimination and recognition of transgender identity. Besides, she calls for better sex education in the country, which has a high teenage pregnancy rate.

Another critical issue, which Adrian feels is more urgent is the suffering economy of the state. The country is witnessing extreme shortage of essential goods, including food and medicine. This is resulting in an unprecedented amount of inflation, and a similar surge in recession.

Tamara Adrian’s attention, for now, would be on taking the country and its suffering citizens to a bare minimum state of equilibrium.



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