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World AIDS day is all about awareness

Written by RelevantStuff

For the last 27 years, the World AIDS day is being observed on the first of December. When you were at school (or perhaps if you’re still at it), your school might have organized awareness camps or special lectures to discuss the relevance of the day as well as the reason behind it. But for most working (and especially unaffected) adults, this day goes unnoticed like most other important days dedicated to human condition. It is, however, important to grab as much information about this medical condition on this day.

This is one day you will get all relevant information such as what exactly is AIDS, how a person can get AIDS, its causes and cures. Today you will get more information about AIDS on the internet, in newspapers,  on television as well as on the radio than during any other time of the year.

However to make things simpler, we have featured a comprehensive piece published today on one of the leading news websites. Have a look at this article by NHS general practitioner Dr Alexandra Phelan, published on the Independent UK website, to get a general idea about the phenomenon the world calls AIDS.


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