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IFITech Solar Light ClubBioman
A front view of the solar motion sensor light

First things first, thanks to the team at IFITech for sending me this solar light (with motion sensor) for review. When the courier guy handed me over the packed product, it was so light, I took it for a spare part. I quickly unpacked the product, and thank god, it appeared just as it does in its online description. I am now writing this review after testing the product for two good weeks.

Product Specifications

The product comes with some easy-to-understand, yet useful features. The solar light has a 0.44 W solar panel with 17% efficiency.

IFITech Solar Light ClubBioman

A front view of the solar motion sensor light

Let us have a look at the other specifications of the solar light, as mentioned in its packaging.

Li-ion battery: 3.7 V, 600mAh

LED Power: 0.8 W, 2700K-6500K, 80Lumens

Night Sensor: <10Lux

Motion angle and distance: 120 degree, 3-5m

High light delay: 10s

Size: 86.5*114.5*41.5mm

Charging time by bright sunlight: 8 hours

Heatproof and waterproof IP65.

Why is this solar light an automatic choice?

The major advantages of using this as a garden, backyard or main entrance light over any conventional light source are:

  1. Automation: The device takes care of the lighting, and in most cases, you would never need to switch the light on or off.

  2. Three light modes: The light goes off during good sunlight, dim during dark and switches to full brightness when it senses some movement in the dark.

  3. No need to connect it to the electric supply or grid.

Now let’s talk about the efficiency. I have been using this product in the thick of the Delhi winter, and let me tell you, it has not disappointed me yet. The product is charged to some extent when we buy it, so I switched it on (with the help of the key pin, as its ON/OFF button is hidden deep beneath a hole), kept it in a dark room and let it discharge overnight. When I visited the room, over  fourteen hours after I had switched it on, it was getting dim but was still working. Once it got fully discharged, that is when its test began.

I mounted the device at the place that would usually receive the most amount of sunlight around my house. I kept the switch on, and left home for work, only to return during the dark. When I reached home after dusk, the light was working, it was dim of course. Now, to test the motion sensing application, I decided to do a bit of hit and trial with the device.


This is what I observed:

  1. If you are at a distance of around six to seven feet from the light, and even if you are at an angle of about 45 degree away from the light, the device will detect your motion and switch to full brightness. A great application that can be used to safeguard your property.

  2. Once you move away, the light goes back to dim.

I have been using it day in and day out, and it lives up to the standards it claims. All I have to do is leave it in the open, keep the switch on and let the device perform its functions.

IFITech Solar Light Panel ClubBioman

A view of the solar panel

All in all, it seems a great step in the right direction. It can be used as a garden light for security purposes. A must for educational institutions, offices and places that are vulnerable to theft and crime.

Its cost might be high compared to an incandescent bulb, but as a one time investment, it costs less than even the cheapest incandescent bulb in the long run.

Just turning on that incandescent bulb for 5 hours every night costs you over Rs. 200, which means somewhere close to Rs. 75,000 saved in a year. What that means is that if you buy 50 pieces of this solar light, you can fill in your garden, and save some money at the same time.

Top that with the relief of not having to worry about switching the bulb on/off, and bothering about electricity or charging. Hence, a must buy for your balcony, garden or main entrance. Comes with a one year warranty as well.

Areas for improvement

However, the device would be more useful if the manufacturer can add the following features:

  1. A brighter lighting, with more LEDs.

  2. A meter (even an analogous one would do) to display the charging percentage. That would be great during phases of continuous rainy or overcast days.

  3. To mount the solar light any higher than the first floor, the motion detection range of the device has to be better.

Final verdict

In conclusion, I would recommend buying one piece and using it for a quality period, before you’d like to buy multiple pieces for your home solutions. Buy one and you can do without a streetlight.

You can view the buying link for the product here.


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