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Preventive Health Care Part 2

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Preventive Health Care takes a back seat in India (as well as other developing nations) not only due to the stressful living conditions, but also due to the fact that they are far too less doctors in India as compared to the number of people suffering from such preventable diseases. Hence, the huge death toll.

With the advent of mass awareness regarding Preventive Health Care (PHC), there has been a conscious adoption of home-monitoring devices by individuals in general to keep an eye on blood sugar, hypertension and other health parameters over the last decade, rather than depending upon pathological laboratories. Such diagnosis on an individual basis assists each person in taking the responsibility of his/her own health through a change in lifestyle and dietary pattern, thus leading to a healthy life.

Health Care in one’s own hands

The new culture of being responsible for your own health is not totally because the people in general have become health-conscious overnight. No doubt, this positive change is taking place globally, but the main reason is the inadequacy of a public health care system and lack of appropriate infrastructure which is making people take the reins in their own hands, leading to the purchase of home-monitoring devices on an individual basis.

It is often said ‘Who knows your body better than you?’. Hence, the combination of utilizing the home-monitoring devices and appropriate medical advice could go a long way in leading a healthy and happy life by avoiding deadly diseases.

Internet has bridged a huge gap by bringing the citizens of the planet together and providing vital information at the mere click of a button. This international electronic bridge can play a vital role in making the people of the Third World conscious and aware of their health status. It can act as a positive catalyst in terms of preventing health calamities and help create a healthy world.


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