Last week highlights: Argentina to generate 8% of its energy through renewables by 2017

Solar Power Argentina
Solar power will be an integral factor to help Argentina achieve its 8% target.
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Argentina has set itself a somewhat realistic target of generating 8% of all their energy through renewable sources. According to a legislation passed by the chamber of duties during October end, solar, wind and hydro power sources shall make up for at least 8% of the country’s energy source within the next couple of years. Not only this, the country aims to produce 20% of its energy with the help of renewable means by 2020.

The goal set by the South American country is actually a stiff one, considering that renewable currently make up for just 1% of the power generated (source: Cammesa), and fossil fuels are being burned up to fulfill 87% of Argentina’s power requirement, followed by hydroelectricity and nuclear power.

Solar Power Argentina

Solar power will be an integral factor to help Argentina achieve its 8% target.

Another major challenge is convincing the large power consumers, that is, individuals or firms consuming over 300 kW power, to consume at least a part of their energy requirements through renewable means.

Still, however, this is how Argentina is making the most of renewable resources:

  • A wind farm owned by Genneia power in Chubut, is the largest wind power producer, having the potential energy to supply to 100,000 households.
  • The San Juan province has the largest solar power station in Argentina. The second largest solar power plant is in San Luis. There are 74 authorized firms and bodies that provide solar energy products and services throughout Argentina.
  • Buenos Aires plans to generate both solar and wind energy for the capital city itself in the near future.
  • The government collaborated with Siemens for its cycle gas turbines last year to raise its power output. Two of its plants raised their individual outputs by 140MW and 280MW.
  • Biofuels produced from used vegetable oil are another potential source of renewable energy for Argentina.

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