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8 reasons why LED lighting has a bright future

led lighting
An array of LED Lights

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is the in-thing. Not only does it save you money on the electricity bill, it is a far more environment-friendly option than incandescent bulbs, and saves you money in the long run.

Newly built traffic signals, 7-segment displays of lifts, car headlamps, lighting in offices and malls as well as domestic bulbs are all expected to replace traditional lighting appliances in the very near future. So what is it that makes LEDs the best option for the near future. Take a peek.

1. We are living in an illuminated world: Ever sat on a flight landing in any decently populated city during the sleepy hours of midnight? You would have noticed a lot of lights from houses, traffic signals and streetlights on at that time, whatever time of the day it is. It might appear to be a preparation for a festival, but that is how it is on most days. In most countries, more than 15% of the electricity consumed in most countries goes into lighting applications. If there could be even one source to cut back on costs and energy consumptions, the world could be a slightly better place than it is right now.

2. More than 5 to 10 times power efficient: LED bulbs save between 5 to 10 times the power consumed by incandescent lamps.


LED lighting science

Yes, they are the same thing you used to use in your school science project.

3. 5 times less heat dissipation: The heat dissipated by LED bulbs is 5 times lesser than that dissipated by a conventional bulb resulting in the same amount of illumination. That is, if an incandescent bulb dissipates 150C of heat, a counterpart LED bulb would dissipate only 30C.


4. Low Power Consumption: For the amount of illumination a traditional bulb that consumes 60 Watt, an equivalent LED bulb would consume only 7 Watt. Now isn’t that a huge monkey off your back as far as electricity bills are concerned?

5. Higher life expectancy and warranty period: Not only does an LED lighting device claim to have a life of over 20 years, it comes with a 10 year warranty, so that even if anything goes wrong, you don’t have to spend extra money, which is a far better situation than taking rounds of the electric store with money in hand.


6. Buying costs are always expected to fall: LED prices are likely to go down in the future with their high applicability in almost all electrical devices under the sun. With the high amount of sales (more than 300 Billion dollars) and multitasking applications of LED’s, prices of LED’s are more likely to fall than rise.

LED Bulbs and lightings

LED lights are used for various applications such as commercial and home-use bulbs.

However, a smart buy is recommended right now, because if you are saving on the recurrent costs, one-time investments are not a burden at all.

7. Robustness: Since LEDs do not contain any breakable tube or filament, they are alternately considered as SSL (Solid State Lighting). Also, LEDs light up within nanoseconds of starting.


8. Cold Temperature resistant: LEDs actually adapt very well to low temperatures and hence cause no starting problems in even freezing conditions.


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