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Woman who had rare operation wants to spread awareness

Woman from Appleby with rare condition undergoes operation.
source: thewestmorlandgazette
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A woman from Appleby, a town that is a part of Cumbria, North West England, now has her name among only four people in the world to have undergone a rare operation. Angela Gardner, at 55 years of age underwent a quadruple heart bypass. She was battling carcinoid cancer, a rare cancer form which usually occurs only after 60 years of age. This condition causes tumours to grow in the neuroendocrine system, which is responsible for production of hormones. Angela mistook it for menopause, and the condition went unnoticed for years.

Angela not only suffered from illness in her initial days of this condition, she suffered pains in her stomach, swelling of the ankles as well as hot flushes. “I went to the doctors and they realised it was cancer but it was too late.” The operation took place at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. Angela Gardner is not only a mother: she has five children, and is a grandmother to nine children. Angela now wants to live life and be strong for her family and loved ones.


Woman from Appleby with rare condition undergoes operation.

image: thewestmorlandgazette

An eye-opener for every woman

“The operation has been successful and I’m really getting there. I had no quality of life before, I was just sleeping. My heart wasn’t functioning properly but since the operation it’s been absolutely fantastic – I can walk and go outside and do a bit of shopping” said Angela.

Angela now has a totally fresh outlook towards her life and hopes she can now spend maximum amount of time with her loved ones.

Not only that, Angela wants all women to know that women should not decide for themselves if it is menopause. “I want women to understand that menopause has similar symptoms but you shouldn’t ignore them – get yourself along to a doctor because it’s too late for me. I would hate any other woman to go through what I’m going through.”

Angela recovered from the operation throughout November and December. She is now undergoing a course of injections that could possibly just provide her a few more years with her family. She is taking lanreotide jabs and is looking forward to her check-up in February.

Angela has vowed that if she witnesses desired results, she will ‘cherish every moment’ in the time that would follow.



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