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Climate Change resulting in deficit, Space Discovery and Plants Approved-EnviroNews Roundup

New Horizons, Reverse Photosynthesis, Soda Mountain
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Today we are featuring a new section-news roundup-which features the latest news related to environment from the best sources for in-depth coverage. Have a look at the headlines, and click on the link(s) for detailed reading.

New Horizons, Reverse Photosynthesis, Soda Mountain

Clockwise from top-left: Images from New Horizons, Reverse Photsynthesis in the Making and the Soda Mountains

(1) According to climate economists, climate change could threaten $2.5 trillion worth of assets. Experts believe that if global warming reaches the estimated 2.5 degrees Celsius (4.5 degrees Fahrenheit) more than the temperatures before Industrial Revolution by 2100, it could result in damages worth $2.5 trillion (2.2 trillion Euros). This is equivalent to half of the current estimated value of fossil-fuel companies in the stock market.


(2) Europe is facing a bill worth €253bn bill for nuclear waste management. This amount is well over the available funds by €120bn. Of the total amount, resources worth €123bn account to decommissioning of old reactors, while €130bn account to the management of spent fuel, radioactive waste and deep geological disposal processes.

(3) According to WWF, around half of all natural World Heritage sites are at risk thanks to harmful industrial activities. More than the beauty, these sites offer a huge amount of wealth and services to people as well as the environment, because of a range of activities resulting in carbon emissions, including oil and gas exploration, mining and illegal logging.

(4) The Indian Environment Ministry has revised its Solid Waste Management Rules for the first time in sixteen years. Click here for details.

(5) NASA’s New Horizons voyage has presented us with images that claim to fill a crucial gap in space environment, according to experts. Click here for details.

(6) Ever heard of reverse photosynthesis? Well, scientists have discovered it, and feel that this could be a great news for the future of the environment.

(7) The Obama Administration has approved the 287-megawatt Soda Mountain solar energy plant, which has been facing criticism from environmentalists of late. It would use up 1,767 acres of land of a part of the Mojave Desert in California.



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