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Earth Day-22 April-22 facts about earth’s current state

Earth Day Celebrate Earth
This Earth Day, pledge to live for nature
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Earth Day! Is it just another one of the international observance days that comes and goes? Or does it remind us of something? It definitely does. International Mother Earth Day reminds us of the planet that has blesses us with life, if nothing more.

In the past decade or so, we have heard various things going on around the earth. But do you exactly know the current state of our planet.

Here are 22 must-know facts about the current scenario of Earth that can teach you a lot.

(1) The way things are going, average global sea levels will rise are expected to rise up by over 23 inches by the end of this century. Many island nations are already at the risk of drowning soon.

(2) The Arctic region could have its first ice-free summer by 2040. West Antarctica is already melting like an ice cream kept in a baking oven. Not only will this kill all of Arctic’s wildlife, it is already disturbing weather patterns, and is causing natural disasters at a far more alarming rate than ever before.

(3) The ever-growing human population might overshadow this, but we are facing a sixth mass extinction. Yes, if you care about species other than humans, you would be shocked to know that over 50% of the species have become extinct in the last four decades alone.

(4) The average global temperature has increased by at least one degree Celsius since the beginning of the Industrial revolution. We are already on the way to an irreversible life extinction. If this temperature rises any further, we’ve had it.

(5) 2015 was the hottest year ever recorded. 2016 is all set to take over. 15 of the 16 hottest years ever have been recorded since 2000.

(6) Besides Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide are harmful gases for the earth.

(7) Over 600,000 people (yes, humans) die every year due to climate change.

(8) Water shortage is a major issue plaguing the earth. Water contamination is also threatening the world’s human population and biodiversity.

(9) Incidents of wildfires have also increased with the rise in global temperatures.

(10) Food shortage is also taking place because of climate change. Food prices could increase by up to 60 per cent by as early as 2030.

(11) Aeroallergen and pollen levels are also increasing with industrial exploitation. This results in asthma, which is affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world.

But, there is a brighter side to things as well. There are some positives, thanks to initiatives taken by compassionate souls:

(12) In COP21, 195 countries pledged to fight climate change, which is a major, major move.

(13) Solar energy is getting cheaper by the day.

(14) People are buying more electric and hybrid cars.

(15) People have begun investing on clean energy. In fact, last year, people around the world invested twice on clean energy compared to coal and gas. 

(16) Scientists have discovered a new Coral Reef, which is about 600-mile long, at the mouth of the Amazon. 

(17) A lot of new species have been discovered recently around the world, especially in the Himalayas. 

(18) One Billion people around the world will celebrate and act on Earth Day this year.

(19) More people are cycling now than at any stage of the twenty-first century,

(20) People are switching to not only vegetarianism, but veganism as well.

(21) The world is switching to digital technology; which means less paper.

(22) People are doing rather than just waiting for others to do.

While the earth is at threat, there is still a ray of hope. The earth is just about in the balance of dooming and prosperity. It’s now only your efforts or lack of empathy that would decide the fate of the earth.




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